Don’t overdo it on the National Day holiday

Don’t overdo it on the National Day holiday


The long holiday is coming, and many white-collar workers in the workplace are planning to “make up” this holiday.

Experts warn that sleep doesn’t mean that the more you sleep, the better supplements may not work for people who lack sleep.

Sometimes people sleep more with their heads covered, and people become more tired.

Due to the long sleep time in the long vacation, the regular schedule of the past is broken, which can easily cause nerve conduction disorders. When you should sleep, you ca n’t sleep, your sleep is confused, and your head is dizzy.Causes neurological and psychiatric problems.

Experts explain that most people will think that sleeping should be done to eliminate fatigue.

In fact, the idea of gaining health by increasing sleep time is completely wrong.

People who sleep too long will become lazy, weak, and even lose their intelligence.

After an overnight rest, muscles and joints will become loose, and immediately after waking, the muscles will be changed to increase muscle tension, which will also increase the blood supply to the muscles, keep the bones and muscle tissue in a repair state, and eliminate the metabolites accumulated in the muscles at night.Conducive to recovery of muscle tissue.

People who often sleep lazy, because the muscle tissue misses the opportunity to move, will feel soft after getting up, lumbosacral discomfort, and weakness throughout the body.

The sleep center of a person who is lazy has been in a state of excitement for a long time, and the other nerve centers are relatively slow to resume their functions because they are inhibited for a long time, so they will feel dull, listless, and even mentally diminished.

The correct way is that for adults, 6-8 hours is the standard sleep time they need. Older people can reduce this standard by another 1-2 hours, and adolescents can increase by 1-2 hours.

For infants and young children, it takes longer to sleep.

Of course, how much sleep time is most healthy depends on your own situation.

The criteria for judging your healthy sleep time should be based on the fact that you will not feel tired and full in the next day.