Sun UV isolation problem Daquan


Sun UV isolation problem Daquan

What are the consequences of sun exposure on the skin?

  First, the sun’s radiation can cause skin tanning, or even sunburn. The culprit is UVB rays.

When exposed to the sun, UVA rays can directly and directly stimulate the production of melanin for a long time, causing skin pigmentation, resulting in darkening of the skin and pigmentation.

  UVA is also the main cause of skin aging. The main manifestations of skin aging are: dry skin, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles appear prematurely.

In addition, both UVA and UVB can generate free radicals that cause premature skin aging.

  Why use UV barrier skin care products every day?

  UVA has a very strong penetrating power, can penetrate glass and clouds, and under certain weather conditions, UVA rays exist throughout the day and year.

Therefore, the only way to protect your skin and keep it white and youthful is to use high-quality UVB / A balance to isolate skin care products, care for the skin every day, keep it away from ultraviolet rays and free radicals.

  My skin is dull even though I use UV to isolate skincare products every day, why?

  Skin is not only exposed to harmful sun exposure, but also pollution, stress and so on.

Atmospheric pollutants can attach to the skin, causing skin dryness, allergies, and dullness.

  Which products have UV isolation?

  Oily skin——A refreshing and non-greasy sunscreen solution: Oily skin, due to hormones in the body, results in strong sebum secretion, large pores, and shiny skin. This is the skin most prone to acne or blackheads.

  Recommended product: L’Oreal Multiple Sunscreen Sun Protection Index: SPF30 PA +++ Efficacy: Double-effect anti-UVA, a major technological breakthrough in UVB. For the first time, a super-strong dual-effect combination is used in daily skin care products.

MEXOORYL SX + XL high-efficiency UV filter, resists UVA and UVB damage, prevents skin darkening; contains active antioxidant complex, combined with vitamin C and vitamin E to help resist skin aging.

  Dry skin — Sun protection and hydration Sun protection scheme: Dry skin even needs sun protection in summer. Pay more attention to hydration to make the skin look crystal clear.

  Recommended products: Shuizhiao H2O + Water Whitening Sunscreen Day Cream Sun Protection Index: SPF15 Efficacy: It can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays and other environmental factors from harming the skin, and has strong protection; it increases skin elasticity and avoids premature skin aging.

Marine mineral complex, HIMANTHALIA, nori and spirulina, mulberry root, grape kernel and allantoin, vitamin B, sunscreen, active enzyme derivative, vitamin C magnesium phosphate complex.

  Sensitive skin — Safety first sunscreen scheme: Do not choose sunscreen products for sensitive skin, otherwise it may cause skin allergies and lose more than you gain.

  Recommended product: Lancome Lancome soft sunscreen Sun protection index: SPF50 PA +++ Efficacy: Dual filter system, all-weather sun protection — Patented MEXORYL SX + XL, is a very good performance UVA, UVB filter system, can make it resistant to ultraviolet raysComplementary capabilities are doubled.
Under intense sunlight, it will permanently protect your skin.

Light and tender, clear and smooth — Unique volume, extremely light, clear and non-greasy.

  Combination skin-two-pronged sun protection program: one face is divided into two distinct areas.

The T-shaped part of the oil is bright and easy to grow acne and acne and cause pores to be enlarged, but the two toes and eyes are deserted, extremely dehydrated, dry, covered with fine lines, looking dull and dull.

  Recommended products: Biotherm Biotherm Crystal White Purifying Double-acting Isolation Cream Sun Protection Index: SPF30 PA ++ Effect: Sunscreen is targeted at the face and body.Damage, lastingly moisturizing.

  Common knowledge about SPF sun protection index About SPF: The SPF value should not exceed as much as possible, and the SPF value rises, the oiliness of the product can be overcome, and the skin’s breathability also affects the skin. When you go out in midsummer, using SPF 20 or less is sufficientUse SPF20-40 when going out to protect the skin from alkaline. For sunscreens above SPF40, it is necessary only when the exposure is severe.