Thin waist weight loss yoga


Thin waist weight loss yoga

Is there any way to thin waist?

How is the effect?

Let ‘s take a look at related common sense.

  Weight Loss Yoga Thin Waist: Plate effect: This action can not only tighten your middle section, but also strengthen the shape of your arms, hips and thighs.

  Method: Kneel on the mat, put your hands straight down on the ground directly in front of you.

Grab the legs backwards gradually into a flat style (push-ups).

Tighten your abdominal muscles. Keep your body long and straight. Do not lift or sag your hips.

Imagine an abdomen belt at the waistline to help you tighten, and the muscles of the lower abdomen must be retracted inward.

Support your hands and heels at the same time.

Hold the position for 1-2 minutes (or longer, depending on your ability), then return to the kneeling position and repeat the action 3 times.

  Weight Loss Yoga Thin Waist: Sideboard effect: This action can exercise our waist and improve balance, in addition it can help breast enlargement and eliminate side milk.

  Method: Use the flat style as the starting position, straighten your right hand, turn your body to the side to open, and support your weight with your right foot and your left foot close together.

Lean your left hand up, pointing your fingertips to the sky.

Tighten the lower abdominal muscles, hold the position for 60 seconds, then return to the flat style, repeat the same movement while changing sides.

Do 1 left and right for 1 round trip, repeat 3 round trips.

  Weight Loss Yoga Thin Waist: Boat Effect: This action is specifically targeted at this difficult area of the lower abdomen, especially for mothers who have just given birth to children.

  Method: Sit on the mat, shrink and bend, flatten your feet on the mat.

Tilt your upper body backwards and raise your legs at the same time to form a “V” shape.

The officer straightened forward, palms facing inward.

Tighten your lower abdominal muscles while staying relaxed, straight forward, and straight forward.

Stretch your legs and tighten your thighs.

Hold 5 deep breaths, then lower your legs and repeat 3 times.

  Weight Loss Yoga Thin Waist: Warrior two-style approach: Stand on a mat with your legs apart about two shoulder widths, turn your right side to 90 degrees, and your left and right feet at a 45-degree angle.

Bend your right thigh or thigh parallel to the ground, but be careful not to step over your feet.

Press down on the left and right sides of your left foot, and use your thigh and lower abdomen to maintain your posture.

Open vertically to the side, then lower the left arm to the back of the left foot, and lift the right arm over the top of the head.

Then lower your right elbow to the upper right and raise your left arm above your head.

Repeat 2 more times.

At the last time, stop in the last position for about 3-5 breaths and then return to the original position, repeat the same action in a different direction.

  Weight Loss Yoga Thin Waist: Scale Effect: This exercise can strengthen the exercise of the abdomen and arms, as well as strengthen our pelvic function, which is very beneficial for women.

  Method: Sit on the mat with your legs crossed to achieve the most comfortable state. Place your hands on the mat next to you.

Tighten your pelvis (the same as holding your hands to urinate), support the floor with both hands, and lift the entire lower body off the ground.

Hold your posture for 3 breaths, then lower.

This is a challenging movement, if you can’t lift the whole lower body, you can keep your feet on the ground and lift your tibia.

Repeat the action 3 times.