Office yoga helps you relax

Office yoga helps you relax

You spend most of your day in front of the office computer. Fatigue of the shoulders, restructuring, waist, etc. often hits your body.

  When using the computer, with both hands extended forward, the uneven movement of connecting the shoulders forward and backward will naturally cause pain in the shoulders, back and menstrual areas, and even cause diseases such as keyboard protrusion and migraine.

  The following is a set of office yoga exercises for friends who are too violent and do n’t have time to exercise. Let ‘s take a look at office yoga: 1. Office yoga with exercise can adjust the uneven top of the exercise to promote shoulders, neckDepartment, head blood circulation.

Steps: Stretch your arms until they are parallel to the shoulders, grasp the fist at the same time, stretch forward to the other side, and then forcefully expand the volume to be equal to the shoulders. Repeat 20?
30 times, you will feel very comfortable muscles.

  2, office yoga shoulder and shoulder swing left and right can flatten the shoulder to achieve the effect of balancing left and right shoulders.

  Steps: Grasp your left leg with your right hand, and then place your left hand behind your back, so rotate the upper body and rotate left and right 3?
5 times.

  3, office yoga soothes fatigued spine and intervertebral disc protrusions, each bone segment of the spine will feel very tired, this action can achieve soft spine and complications, and promote blood circulation.

Steps: Put the center of gravity on the left and the back, and exercise repeatedly 20 times.

  4. Office yoga stretches the curved waist and shoulders, can stretch the curved waist and shoulders, promote metabolism, relieve fatigue, and can make your thinking clearer.

Step: Gently tilt your body downwards, don’t use too much force, as long as you feel refreshed, repeat about 10 times.

  5. Office Yoga adjusts the pelvis to protrude. The pelvis will become prominent when sitting continuously, and it will have an impact on the waist.

Steps: Put your hands on your knees, and then put your center of gravity on your left and right legs respectively. This is the full movement of the pelvis, which is repeated 50 times a day.

Place the center of gravity on the left and back, and repeat the exercise 20 times.