Jazz can be sexy and seductive

Jazz can be sexy and seductive

Turn your body into jazz dance, turn on the passion button in your body, and instantly become an achievement. Are you Marilyn?

Monroe’s dream, and your body moves freely, your mind will be completely loosed.
Kick, kick, kick-kick combination Jazz dance Raising hands and feet to coordinate, in addition to hand movements to coordinate with the body’s twist, leg movements are very important.

Between advance and retreat, kick forward and lift up, and jump will make women’s passion linger.

  What is jazz?

  Jazz is a dance brought by African slaves to the United States, so its dance is like the African character, primitive, enthusiastic, and unrestrained.

After the jazz dance arrived in the United States, it absorbed the elements and skills of ballet, modern dance, hip-hop, and Latin dance. What it wanted to express was the hot style. It was sloppy, twisted, and the body was wavy.Charming and sexy.

  The jazz dance in the gym is an improved “jazz aerobics”. General coaches convert soothing pops and traditional jazz music into violent aerobics music. At this time, jazz is not like a swing jazz in a ballroom.It is more powerful, rejuvenated, and more rhythmic, so that women jump up and reveal their passion.

  Basic essentials of movement: through music, step forward or backward with your legs, bend and tilt, turn the top of the cymbal to the vertical, pay attention to the movement of the hand and twist the movement to maintain the balance and beauty of the body.

  Together, the swing-twisting combination: sending 胯, twisting the waist, and wavy body are the main characteristics of jazz dance.

With the intense rhythm of music, twisting and twisting the body, release female passion and gracefulness between forward and backward.

  Tip: The essence of the “open mind” mentality: Maybe your personality is more restrained and subtle, so when you dance jazz, grab the essence of the “open mind” mentality. You must know that sexiness is not sin, not praise to you.

  The body must contain the three elements of soul, sexiness and balance: head, neck, shoulders, upper limbs, torso flexion, rotation, loops, and wobble. These words do not literally show the slightest beauty, but connect their movementsAs smooth as flowing water, jazz dance will make you a lot of style.

Therefore, in addition to the basic steps of a good jazz dancer, the body must contain three elements: soul, sexiness and balance.