Thin-arm yoga lets you say goodbye to flesh

Thin-arm yoga lets you say goodbye to flesh

Everyone wants to raise their hands high to say hello to others, but once you lift up, you will see your “bye-bye meat”, so that you can only put your arms away, or put on long-sleeved clothes to cover up.

  Bed thin arm type step1 Arm balance fracture, legs crossed sitting on the bed, naturally raised his head and chest, pay attention to straighten the spine, put both hands on the feet.

Raise your hands flat to the sides and reach half the height. Keep your palms down and keep breathing evenly.

Twist one hand upwards, palms upwards, and repeat this action alternately in opposite directions and repeat 15 times.

  Step2 Cross your arms and make a fist with your legs crossed on the bed, keep your back straight, your hands folded forward, turn your fingers and make a fist.

Slowly tilt your arm upwards, over the top of your head to the back of your head, and feel the spine extending from your fingertips to your fingertips. Raise your head gradually, keep breathing slowly, and repeat three times.

  Step3 Lie on your back with your feet apart from your shoulders, your feet wide, your toes point to the ground, put your hands on your elbows, and your chin to the ground.

Use your arms and legs to tighten your abdomen as much as possible, lift your body up, and keep it on a person’s plane from head to toe. Be careful not to lift your hips.

After stopping for 10-15 seconds, repeat three times.

  Efficacy: Effectively help you eliminate the excess meat from the arm, soothe the arm soreness, and reduce fatigue.

  Sit on the chair with loose shoulders step1 sit on the chair where it can be used, keep your back straight, your knees close together, and your eyes looking up.

  Step2 Inhale, keep your upper body still, raise your shoulders, stop, and stay for a few seconds.

  Step3 exhales slowly, keeps his upper body still, relaxes his shoulders, and tries to soothe his tight nerves.

  Step4 restore, repeat several times.

  Efficacy: Eliminate arm abnormalities, relieve shoulder and neck soreness, and promote blood circulation in the shoulder and complications.