Five tips for working women to deal with stress

Five tips for working women to deal with stress

There are various ways to reduce stress, tension and worry are worth your blood pressure increase, heart rate and breathing speed.

You can only relax if you leave behind your nervous and worried things.

How to reduce stress?

Here are five tips for you: Go to the bathroom and wash your forehead with cold water.

After lunch, when you add makeup to the mirror, you will feel beautiful and energetic.

  Keep your eyes closed for someone to try this. When you close your eyes and look at yourself, imagine yourself watching the sea.

Rows and rows of waves came over, and the gulls sang in the distance, Bai Fan nodded, and the sea-sky junction was vast.

When you are extremely tired, you can have such an imagination and you can be completely relaxed.

You can post a beautiful picture or two next to the seat, or a photo that raises your mind.

  Take a deep breath to focus on your chest and abdomen, and slowly inhale and exhale as if you are exercising your lung capacity.

  Climbing the stairs When you are tired and nervous, go out and climb the stairs a few times to benefit you a lot.

If you are embarrassed to run around, take a briefcase to climb the stairs.

When people see you rushing up and down, they will praise your professionalism.

And you have some surprises-the body shape is gradually showing up, let others envy.

  Music therapy Music has the effect of calming emotions and soothing. Would you like to relieve it?

Then listen to rock music; if you want to sort out the mood, classical music is the best choice.

Keeping your eyes closed in music can make people cultivate to the highest level of harmony between man and sound, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression.

It is recommended that you prepare several favorite CDs in the office, but don’t forget to bring headphones to listen to it, so as not to affect other colleagues’ work or rest.