7 mentalities that men and women have to mention

7 mentalities that men and women have to mention

Regarding man 1, when men like long-legged beauty girls enter puberty, hormones begin to secrete, and her legs grow rapidly, turning her into a woman.

Slender legs become a clear and powerful symbol, letting men know that she is mature and capable of reproduction, so long legs can always become a sexy feature.

For women, long legs are a step in the body.

For men, long legs are a recognized stairway to heaven.

  Now you know why men like to see long-legged beauties-in fact, most women are born with the meaning of long legs, so they will like wearing high heels and short skirts just to make their legs look a bit longMan.

  The facts obtained through research are that the length of a woman’s skirt and the height of the heel will change according to the menstrual cycle.

During ovulation, she unconsciously chooses more exposed clothes and higher shoes.

This is a good little knowledge for men: women 14 after menstruation?
In 18 days, start a fierce courtship!

  2, the man’s lying “sex” In fact, one of the original shortcomings of men’s nature is that they like to lie in the face of sex.

People who have a clear sexual intercourse ability for one minute often say they can reach one hour.

In addition, there are many men who lie when they attach importance to the size problem of their little brother, which is a serious problem worldwide.

For example, American writer Fitzgerald was troubled by this problem. He once took out his little brother and showed it to Hemingway, just to know if his little brother was short.

Hemingway watched and said to Fitzgerald that he was completely normal, but Fitzgerald was still doubtful.

  In fact, even the man’s little brother is really short, because according to scientific research, the size of the little brother can only rank 10th in the ranking of attractive women.

The average male erection is 5.

5 inches, most women have a vagina of 3.

5 inches deep, 2 inches in front is the most sensitive place, and the front end is just around the G point.

From this reasoning, a man with only 3 inches of penis during an erection, can accurately collide with the G spot, but is more able to provide the correct service than a 7-inch man.

  3, men like sexy lips because in the evolution process, women’s lips became a mirror reflecting the state of the genitals, because the size and thickness of the two are similar; and when excited, they will be hyperemic and swollen.

This phenomenon is called “reproductive reaction”, and it can express profound and clear information, especially for men. It was evolved when humans just learned to walk on two feet.

This is why women like lipstick, bright red lipstick is the best sexual hint that women can use.


Men like a little belly. This is because a fine smooth belly means that they are not pregnant, and men are welcome to pursue it.

Therefore, in the gym and yoga classrooms, all women are doing abdominal exercises, and they all want a strong and perfect lower abdomen.

  5, men like long-haired beauties, because long and bright hair represents a healthy body, and at the same time declare that she has good reproduction potential.

Long hair makes a woman suddenly full of charm and charm, while short hair gives a serious feeling.

From these experiences, what can be learned is very clear: women want to attract men’s attention, they should keep long hair; and at work, they should keep short hair, or put their hair up.

When high weight, or in a male-dominated industry, sexy appearance will become a hindrance and burden for women.

  Regarding woman 6, the secret of a woman who likes a tight buttock is that a tight buttock with muscles is a necessary condition to be able to push forward vigorously during sex.

For a man who is only obese or soft, this forward movement is difficult for him, and he is likely to put all his body weight into this movement, which is not ideal for women.

Because the weight of a man will make her feel uncomfortable and have difficulty breathing.

On the contrary, a man with a small but tight hip is more than likely to fulfill his task satisfactorily.

A small, compact tibia can help increase your chances of conception.


Women don’t like to see photos of naked men because evolution has not caused women’s sexual desire to be aroused by seeing men’s genitals, which is exactly the opposite of men.

The photos in men’s sex books are photos of women with their thighs open, or sitting or lying, with nothing on the front or back.

But they all failed to sell men’s erotic photos to women . Men look stunned when they see naked women, and women usually laugh when they see naked men.