What does the baby eat?

What does the baby eat?

Key point 1 The diet balances the growth of the human body, which is completely derived from the quality of food at the entrance. Therefore, if you want your baby to grow taller, all nutrients must be balanced.

Guaranteed to eat 25 samples a day?
There are 30 kinds of nutrients, which are much richer than eating only three or five things a day.

  Recommended food: Fruit and vegetable salad: cucumbers, apples, bananas, onions, lettuce, pears, oranges, etc. Cut into small pieces and put them in a bowl, then pour the salad dressing.

  Multi-grain congee: Rice, black rice, red beans, dates, raisins, etc. After washing, add water and cook together for 1 hour.

  Assorted rice: put oil in the pan, add the eggs, peas, sweet corn kernels, ham, and stir-fry the rice when cooked. Finally add the cucumber and chives and stir-fry.

  Key point 2 Calcium is enough calcium is the basis of bone growth.

If the amount of physiologically required calcium is not regularly taken in the blood plasma, and the amount of calcium in blood and soft tissues is insufficient, calcium must be taken from the bones, and the lack of calcium in the bones will result in osteoporosis, deformed vertebrae and deformed spine.

Bone does not get enough nutrition, of course, can not grow normally, let alone grow taller.

  Recommended foods: Foods containing calcium phosphate are: dairy products, eggs, fish, shellfish, tofu and beans, sesame sauce, pumpkin seeds, etc.

(Vitamin D, vitamin C, lactose, etc. all contribute to the absorption and utilization of calcium.

) Key point 3: There are babies who are growing and developing every day. The demand for protein is higher than that of adults. If the supply is insufficient, it will affect the growth of height.

In addition, collagen and mucin are also organic components that make up bones.

  Recommended foods: Chicken, beef, fish and shrimp, eggs, milk, and tofu all have protein.

  Key point 4: Iron, zinc, and copper are indispensable. Although the human body does not need them much, it is indispensable. If you lack them, your baby will have various problems.

Zinc-deficient babies will have no appetite to see anything and will inevitably affect growth.

Iron is an essential substance for the synthesis of hemoglobin, and copper is a catalyst for the synthesis of hemoglobin.

If iron and copper are inadequate in food, hemoglobin synthesis will be hindered, growth and development, intellectual development, and immune function will be affected, and the baby may often get sick.

  Recommended foods: Iron-rich foods: animal liver and other internal organs, beef, mutton, egg yolk, fish, red beans, spinach.

  Foods rich in zinc: oysters, animal liver.

  Copper-rich foods: pork liver, pork blood, shrimp, crab, shellfish.

  Key point 5 Fresh vegetables and fruits Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and are necessary for the human body.

Vitamin A, C can make your baby have normal resistance.

  Recommended foods: vegetables: cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, green peppers, green bamboo shoots, tomatoes, green onions. Fruits: oranges, bananas, pears, apples, grapes, peaches, apricots, watermelons.(Suitable for babies over 6 months) Breakfast: Milk and vegetable rice noodles 250ml 10 o’clock Meal: a few spoonfuls of apple puree Lunch: minced meat and vegetable porridge 1 small bowl 4 o’clock Meal: 3 molar cakes, 1 small cup of yogurt dinner: Eggs, vegetable pasta 1 small bowl Before bedtime: 250ml milk, 1-2 year old baby one day meal imitation breakfast: 1 cup of milk, 1 slice of peanut butter coated bread 10 o’clock Meal: banana 1 lunch: bean rice 1 bowl,菠菜肉丸汤1碗,鸡蛋炒西红柿1碗4点加餐:蛋糕1块,酸奶100毫升晚餐:红枣发糕1块,什锦蔬菜1碗,肉末豆腐1碗临睡 前:牛奶250毫升2-3 year old baby’s day meal imitates breakfast: 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of bread, 1 cup of fresh juice and 10 o’clock meal: 100 ml yogurt lunch: 1 bowl of rice, shrimp melon, chicken stew mushroom 1 bowl 4 o’clock meal:1 bowl of fruit salad, 1 small bowl of nuts for dinner: 1 bowl of multi-grain porridge, 1 small bun, 1 bowl of stir-fried three shreds, clear蒸Go to bed before two fish 1: soy milk 250 ml to six loving mother to remind 1, buy seasonal vegetables and fruit.

When buying fruits, mothers should try to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. If they are marketed off-season, growth hormone may be used. If the baby eats it often, it may affect development and progressive precocity, so that the bone growth time stops prematurely.

  2. Vegetable nutrition is not lost.

The more fresh vegetables, the vitamin content increases, so fresh green leafy vegetables that have just been listed should be added; vegetables should be washed and then cut, fried and eaten immediately; fry when fried; put water when cooking.

  3. Physical examination twice a year.

As your baby grows up, take your baby to check his body often to see if he is deficient in trace elements.

If it is missing, add it in time.

  4, the amount of calcium supplements.

Calcium supplementation is the most common, but it must be guided by a doctor. Too much or too little is not good for growth.

Adults generally require 800 mg per day, and children generally require 1200?
1500 mg / day.

  5. Supplements are not suitable for children.

Supplements are mainly aimed at adults. For little babies, it is best to get from daily diet. Natural diet is more suitable for babies.

Because most adult supplements contain different levels of hormonal components, regular clothing can lead to obesity, precocious puberty and even induce high blood pressure.

In addition, children are in the period of physical fitness, eating bird’s nest, turtle, ginseng and other high-nutrition supplements are not suitable, easy to get angry, nosebleeds or cause precocious puberty.
  6, nutrition is only the material basis of growth, if you ignore exercise, sleep, sun, etc., are not conducive to growth.