The difference between red muscle and white muscle

The difference between red muscle and white muscle

In general, both muscle fibers are distributed throughout the body.

Together they form muscle fibers.

  Generally, red muscle fibers are thicker, while white fibers are thicker.

Red fiber is generally less powerful but has better endurance.

  The red fiber, on the other hand, has reduced strength but persisted for a while.

What muscle movements generally depend on what kind of exercise you are doing.

On the other hand, it means what kind of muscles can be gained by any exercise.

For example, you see, the general long-distance runners are all thin, but have muscle types.

The long weightlifting exercise is just the opposite. They are all solid and stout.


It is because of the different movements of their army that they have different body sizes.

The long-distance running red fiber is developed.

And white fiber for weightlifting is well developed.

  Generally speaking, long-term aerobic exercise, low-intensity, low-weight and high-frequency exercise are mainly to exercise red muscle fibers.

It’s the red fiber at work.

(High distance running, walking, cycling, aerobics, etc.) and high-intensity, short-term, heavy weight and low-frequency, and even sports that require explosive power to complete (size weightlifting), is the white muscle fiber at work.

(Similar to sprinting, high jump, strength lifting and other sports).

Of course, what fibers work is not absolute, and many sports need to be coordinated with each other to complete.

For example, playing tennis, football, Sanda, rugby, etc.)