Yoga moves restore postpartum fat figure


Yoga moves restore postpartum fat figure

When you add a baby and become a happy mother, the trouble that affects becoming a beautiful mother also follows. They generally face: a lot of weight gain, a slight accumulation of abdomen, slackness, sagging, and thick legs.After . After giving birth to a child or breastfeeding, how to effectively restore the previous graceful body is a topic of concern for postpartum mothers. The following is the combination of fitness time and simple fitness methods and precautions for postpartum body recovery.The experience of the coaches of the club and the experience of some moms were introduced together.

  1. Vertical style.

In a supine position, arms straight on the side of the body, legs raised together to maintain 90 degrees with the body.

(Beautiful leg exercises) Obesity, slackness, stiffness, and brittleness are the main problems of postpartum. According to statistics, about 10% of women will gradually “fat” and become obese after giving birth.

Wang Yuan, the top ten yoga star in the country, and the person in charge of Tiandi Xinyun Yoga pointed out that the most significant changes in postpartum body shape are the chest, waist, abdomen, and legs.

  Bluebird fitness center Zhou Lili said that in addition to a small number of postpartum and obese, there are other problems such as stiff waist muscles, loose abdomen, brittle ligaments, poor elasticity, and easy maternal injuries.

The postpartum fitness training mainly focuses on the physical and physical recovery of these aspects, especially the fitness of some small muscles in the inner layer of the abdomen. Some people have become the focus because the uterus enlarges during pregnancy and the abdominal muscles also follow.Then contract until the rectus abdominis separates.

The postpartum uterus gradually returns, but the abdominal wall muscles become loose and difficult to recover.

  2, infant blood sugar type.

Lying down, legs bent, arms clasped with both hands, aligned with forehead contact, the body is contoured like a baby.

(Exercise the waist and abdomen to make the body tangible) At least 6 weeks later, go to lose weight. The hot girl with a reputation of “hero mother” has basically restored her previous shape in the three weeks after giving birth to her third son, becoming a lot.Objects that young mothers envy.

The doctor’s warning is that eating only one meal a day will damage bones and muscles, and even endanger the next baby.

Doing some weight loss exercises soon after maturity may slow down the uterine recovery and cause bleeding, while a little bit of exercise may slow down the recovery of the surgical section or the vulva retina, and some joints are particularly vulnerable to injury.Mother’s situation will be more dangerous.

Tofik, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Brown University?

Hava’s suggestion is: New mothers should go to those weight-loss classes and have some aerobic bodybuilding activities after giving birth at least 6 weeks.

  Jade Bird Fitness Trainer Zhou Lili said: When can a mother enter a fitness center? It depends on her physical recovery.
6 weeks can start to do postpartum weight-loss exercises, the mother of cesarean section needs 6?
8 weeks.
For those with scar constitution, maybe after 2 months.

The club requires a hospital health certificate when it accepts maternity registration.

  3, V shape.

In a sitting position, keep your body and legs as straight as possible and keep them in a V shape.

(Beautiful leg exercises) The new mother’s yoga sculpts the top ten yoga stars in the country, and Wang Yuan, the person in charge of Tiandi Xinyun Yoga, recommends a set of yoga exercises that are effective for the recovery of the maternal body. Normal mothers can do it according to their physical condition within one month after delivery.

  Before the exercise, do breathing exercises under the music background: supine position, knee joint flexion, inhale deeply to pull the abdominal wall into the visceral traction and then exhale, the purpose is to move the abdominals to move the internal organs.

The following set of actions are mainly performed on the chest, waist, abdomen, and legs.

With breathing, inhale when muscles contract and exhale when you relax.

Each action is 3-5 times, each time holding for 15-30 seconds.

  4. Spin the spine.

In a sitting position, the legs cross under the buttocks, hold the legs on the opposite side with one hand on the back of the body.

With breathing, turn your head slowly back.

(Massaging of internal organs, detoxification, and training of thin waist) Private measures for prenatal control starch Ms. Xu was 30 pounds longer at the peak of her weight than before pregnancy. Now the child is a little bit older and returns to about 105 pounds at work.

Ms. Xu said that she had done some post-natal exercises a month or two after giving birth.

In terms of diet, foods such as starch are slightly controlled during the last two months before delivery.

She felt that she had not exercised deliberately, and 95% of her physical recovery was natural.

  5, cow face deformation.

Kneeling, palms placed behind the back, turned from the outside to the inside, while the fingertips tried to lift from the bottom to the top, chest, head tilted back.

At the same time, the gestures and gestures on the back change, and the opposite hand is pulled on the back.

(Stiff, good for postpartum breast sagging).
  Massage the pelvis to help shrink Huairou Xu Jinfang’s weight loss experience: the first month after birth is very important.

At that time, osteoporosis, lying on the side, and letting family members massage the pelvis were beneficial to help the pelvis contraction. If you miss the period, the effect will not be obvious.
In addition, she felt that after the child was not feeding, she had some control over the amount of meals, increased activity, and quickly lost weight.

Another personal recommendation is: lying on the bed with your legs close together, lifting your upper body, lifting hard, insisting on doing it for half an hour every day, for a year, can effectively restore the abdominal muscles.

  6, lateral lumbar fracture.

One leg is slender, with one leg contracted from a previous leg complication.

The opposite hand supports the waist, and the other hand leans forward to straighten for side waist movement.

Go in another direction.

(Exercise balance, practice thin waist) Persist in hiking exercise to reduce fat, clothing designer Hong Yan said that he doesn’t like boring, monotonous fitness activities.

In the postpartum period, she chose a combination of walking and running while listening to MP3.

From the direction of the Gaobeidian underground railway line extension to the vicinity of Beijing Station, insist on 4 kilometers a day, do not pursue speed, choose to walk when not running, half a year later, the weight loss effect is obvious, return to the physical condition before pregnancy.