Spring equinox health

Spring equinox health

Bs21 is the spring equinox in the twenty-four solar terms.

“Spring equinox, yin and yang are also half.

Therefore, staying up all night and cold and flat.”

A “point” word tells the boundaries of staying up late, the heat of summer.

At this time, the sun yellow is 0 degrees, and the sun is above the equator.

The Lunar Calendar records that “the bucket refers to the spring equinox, and it is about Sundays. The north and south hemispheres are equally divided into the night and the night, and they are called the spring equinox.

“The vernal equinox is the midpoint of the 90-day spring, and the north and south hemispheres are similar in day and night.

From this day on, the direct position of the sun gradually moved northward, and the length of day and night in the northern and southern hemispheres also changed. The northern hemisphere was long and short, and the southern hemisphere was opposite.

As soon as the vernal equinox arrives, the rainwater increases significantly, and the average average ground temperature has stabilized through 10 degrees, which is the climatologically defined spring temperature.

After the spring equinox, the climate is mild, the rain is abundant, and the sun is shining. The wintering crops in most other areas enter the spring growth stage, which is also the sowing date of early rice.

There are different sayings about the vernal equinox in different places: Shandong has the proverb “The trees are planted in the spring equinox, and it is sunny, but everything is not completed”; Hubei has “the spring equinox has a busy family, first planted melon beans after transplanting”; Guangdong has the proverb “Spring Equinox”In the front, fighting rice money.”

  Ouyang Xiu once had a wonderful description of the spring equinox: “When the South Park is half-green, the wind and the horses are swaying, the green plums are like the peas, and the butterflies fly.

Regardless of the north and south, the vernal equinox is a good time for spring, and the Taiwan province of developing countries is when orchids bloom.

  Because the spring equinox is divided into day and night, cold and heat, people should pay attention to maintaining the balance of yin and yang in the health care.

Stalin said: “The possibility that objects are relatively static, the possibility of temporary balance is the fundamental condition for material differentiation, and thus the fundamental condition of life.”

In order to obtain this “temporary condition of life” in this “temporary equilibrium state”, it is an important rule to maintain the balance of yin and yang of the human body. This law is still in the adjustment of spirit, diet, and daily life.It is vital in both self-care and drug use.

How to use the balance law of yin and yang in the health care, coordinate the body function, reach the balance state inside and outside the body, so that the organic whole body always maintains a relatively calm, balanced state is the foundation of health care.


It’s really important to say “I want to check the yin and yang there and adjust it to the level of peace.”

It is said that the human body should make the “inner movement”, that is, the visceral, qi and blood, the physiological movement of the essence, in harmony with the “external movement”, that is, the mental, physical and sports movements, and maintain the “supply and sales” relationship.Balance.

Avoid the occurrence of inappropriate exercise and destroy the balance of the external environment of the human body, accelerate the damage of certain organs of the human body and the imbalance of physiological functions, causing the occurrence of diseases and changing people’s lives.

Modern medical research proves that human life is in the process of activity, due to the inconsistency of metabolism, it can lead to the emergence of imbalance of certain elements in the body, that is, the accumulation of certain elements is excessive, and the content of some elements is insufficient to cause premature aging and disease.happened.

And some non-infectious diseases are related to the imbalance of human body elements.

For example, the current cardiovascular diseases and cancers that are the most harmful to human health in the world are closely related to the imbalance of material exchange balance in the body. The reason is that both are yin and yang disorders.

Balanced health theory research believes that in different ages of life, according to different physiological characteristics, adjusting the corresponding diet structure, supplementing the necessary trace elements, maintaining the balance of various elements in the body, will benefit our human health.


“Bone Kong Theory”: “Tune its yin and yang, if it is insufficient, then it will be replenished. If there is more, it will shed.”

Traditional dietary health and TCM treatment complications are summarized as tonic and diarrhea.

Such as benefit Qi, nourishing blood, nourishing yin, helping yang, filling fine, Shengjin for tonic; solution table, heat, water, diarrhea, cold, wind, dampness, etc. can be seen as diarrhea.

The practice of TCM health practice proves that no matter whether it is supplement or diarrhea, it should adhere to the adjustment of yin and yang, and the principle of peace, scientific food and health care, in order to effectively prevent many non-infectious diseases.

  From the beginning of the Spring Festival to the Qingming Festival, before and after the Qingming Festival, the growth of the grass is in the germination stage. The human blood is also in a period of vigorousness, and the hormone level is also at a relatively high peak. At this time, the common non-infectious diseases are high blood pressure, menstrual disorders, hemorrhoids and allergies.Diseases, etc.

In this diet, you can choose a balance that can maintain the balance of the body’s functions according to your actual situation. It is forbidden to be hot, cold, or too high, and it is a misunderstanding of eating, such as cooking fish, shrimp, crab and other cold foods.At the time, the principle must be accompanied by onion, ginger, wine, vinegar mild seasoning, in order to prevent the coldness of the orientation, cold, and the spleen and stomach after eating, causing the abdomen and uncomfortable; as in eating leek, garlicPapaya and other auxiliary auxiliaries are often accompanied by eggs and nourishing yin to achieve the purpose of yin and yang complementation.

In the mind, we must maintain a relaxed, optimistic and uplifting mental state.

In the daily life, it is necessary to adhere to proper exercise, regular sleep, quantitative arrangement, and purposeful nursed back to achieve the best effect of health.