Measure what type of couple you and him are

Measure what type of couple you and him are

There are many types of lovers. Do you know that you are some kind of couple?

Do you know what sustains your feelings?

Want to know more?

Ha ha, then come and see!


“Suppose you have two cute cats, one named Qiqi and the other Dandan.

Please answer the following questions and add up the scores to see what type of couple you and him are!


What should be the suit of these 2 cats?


Kiki is black, Dandan is white.
5 points b.

Kiki is brown and Dandan is white.
3 points c.

Kiki is brown, Dandan is colorful.
1 point q2.

Kiki and Dandan’s first dinner at your house, what would you eat for them?


Small fish . 1 minute b.

Premium canned food . 5 points c.

Granulated cat food.
3 points q3.

Cats have their own nests. Where would you put them?


Living room . 5 minutes b.

Corridor . 1 minute c.

Own room.
3 points q4.

One day you suddenly noticed that the two cats were missing. Where do you think they went?


Nearby trees.
3 points b.

Cation at home.
1 point c.

In front of the station . 5 minutes q5.

You have to help Kiki and Dandan hang name brands to prevent them from getting lost. What kind of material brands would you buy?

Plastic . 3 minutes b.

Made of metal.
5 points c.

1 point——————————————————————————– Are you an extreme couple with him?

  Calculate your excitement and see what kind of couple you and him are in the eyes of others!

  Type a: 21 points or more Type b: 15 points?
20 points: 9 points?
14 points d type: 5 points?
8 points a-type extravagant and extravagant. Others think you are luxurious. Just like stars in the entertainment industry, you must go to famous places for dating. B-type humorous and interesting. Everyone thinks that you are acting as husband and wife.Natural and fun, dating is suitable for a town without stress, or a group of people to go to a night market or temple fair together.

  C-type trusting each other. Others think you are trusting each other. They are very honest. Dating is suitable for walking to the sea or the mountain. Nature can bring you a lot of moving!

  The d-type twin-like friends all feel that you are a super-like pair. Dating is suitable for a sport, such as playing tennis and other sports that require two people to work together, which can enhance mutual understanding!