[Can pregnant women eat fried peanuts]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pregnant women eat fried peanuts]_Pregnancy_Impact

Deep-fried peanut rice crispy rosin is a snack that many people prefer to eat, especially when drinking some fried peanut rice and drinking wine can make drinking instead of taste.

Not to mention the taste of fried peanuts, just watching the process of making fried peanuts or related videos can make people drool.

Pregnant women must avoid taboos in their lives to keep their babies healthy. Can pregnant women eat fried peanuts?

Can pregnant women eat fried peanuts1, which can help reduce salt For those moms with a heavy diet, the low-salt diet during pregnancy is a very painful thing.

If you take in too much salt, the body will retain more water, which will cause the pregnant mother’s body to swell, and cause edema during pregnancy.

In addition, long-term high-salt diets will affect pregnant women’s heart and cardiovascular health.

In general, the daily salt intake of pregnant women should be slightly lower than that of normal people.
Between 5 grams.

2. Keep your heart healthy. During pregnancy, moms have a series of adaptive changes in their mother’s systems, and the cardiovascular system is no exception.

This is suitable for normal pregnant women, but for pregnant women with high blood pressure, it is often incompetent, so moms with heart disease often bear more risk of breeding.

Studies have shown that people who eat the most peanuts can reduce their risk of heart disease by 35%.

Researchers believe that the fatty acid composition of peanuts, combined with the effects of other ingredients, can reduce the content of low density lipoprotein (necrosis) and make the heart healthier.

3, control of appetite in the second trimester of pregnancy, many mummy appetites are often very good, big fish and meat served on the table, thinking that eating and drinking like this can help your baby to add more nutrition.

In fact, in addition to overweight moms during pregnancy, in addition to causing many complications, it will lead to too large fetal babies, resulting in dystocia, and even easy to give birth to defects or even death.

Studies have shown that peanuts are “high satiety” foods that make moms feel fuller, or the passage of time.

Peanuts have a high satiety and lead to a double, the result of supplementary fiber and protein content, all other factors synergistically result.

For pregnant mothers who have a good appetite, you may wish to eat some peanuts or peanut butter at breakfast, which can reduce the amount of food you eat throughout the day without having to bear the risk of too much pregnancy.

4, stable blood sugar I believe many moms are no stranger to a common disease during pregnancy: gestational diabetes.

If pregnant moms accidentally get sick, they can easily form huge obesity, severe deformity, jaundice in the newborn, and even increase the risk of fetal death.

Therefore, it is necessary to actively prevent gestational diabetes.

The above is the topic of whether pregnant women can eat fried peanuts. Believe that pregnant women and mothers know that peanut rice can be eaten but not eaten too much, because eating too much will cause certain risks when giving birth, but alsoIt is pointed out that low-salt foods can reduce the content of low-density lipoprotein and make the heart healthier.

So you can eat with confidence, but you ca n’t eat too much at once!