[Coffee Prestige Practice]_Coffee Prestige’s Common Practice

[Coffee Prestige Practice]_Coffee Prestige’s Common Practice

Most young people today are lazy and often go out to eat under the pretext of busyness.

Although the food outside may be “delicious”, long-term chronic diseases will follow in the long run.

Now follow the editor to learn about the coffee prestige, you will definitely be willing.


12 Divide half of the sugar into the egg whites and pass to near dry foam.

21 The other half of the sugar egg yolk salt oil coffee water mix well, add flour and mix well 3.

Beat the whipped protein foam with the batter.

Pour excess protein into the batter and mix well 4.

Then pour the rest of the batter into the protein at once to mix a healthy diet to get a strong body. Today, the coffee majesty we introduce to you here is a healthy gourmet. If you have time, do it yourself.