Food that makes you on the go

Food that makes you “on the go”

Your “temporary” food Do you believe that you can improve your sex life in just a few weeks, and the method is simple and easy, that is, through food.
I suggest you give it a try.
  Once you find that some foods that seem normal in nature actually have the function of enhancing sexual desire and improving the quality of sexual life, you will look at these foods differently.
  Some experts in the United States have found that continuous consumption of low-fat, high-protein foods can increase sexual desire and improve sexual life within six weeks.
If you are craving for a night’s sleep, I suggest you stop eating foods that are mainly carbohydrates (this food can only make you feel sleepy), but you should eat a lot of foods containing protein, because protein can make you more energetic.
  In addition, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals every day will promote the production of sex hormones.
  The food on this food list listed below will help you fully enjoy the happiness that sex brings to you.
  Seafood Seafood is as rich in zinc as lean meat.
Zinc is an essential element for men.
If zinc is lacking, it will lead to low libido, less sperm, and even impotence.
Every time a man ejaculates, he contains about 5 mg of zinc, which is one-third of the daily zinc intake. Therefore, the more frequent his sex life, the more zinc he needs to supplement.
  Egg research shows that the substances contained in eggs can effectively increase sexual desire.
  Did ginseng feel tired and nervous?
Eating one gram of Siberian or Korean ginseng a day will help alleviate fatigue and tension, especially for those who work under pressure.
At the same time, ginseng can also enhance people’s vitality and increase sexual desire.
If there is a problem with a man’s erection, try ginkgo phenol, two to three times a day, 40 to 60 mg each time.
Ginkgo phenol promotes blood circulation in the brain, but few people know that ginkgo phenol can also promote blood circulation in the genitals.
  Bananas Because bananas are rich in serotonin, a chemical that acts on the brain to create pleasure, confidence, and libido.
  Garlic Studies have shown that garlic can rapidly increase libido and promote blood circulation and irritating sensation in male and female genitals.
You can get the best results by eating 900 mg of garlic a day.