Five-star dangerous baby food ranking

Five-star dangerous baby food ranking

Infants and young children have inadequate tissue development due to their organs, and their resistance is relatively weak. Their dietary structure is believed to be different from that of adults.

It is expected at this stage that certain foods may cause allergies or other adverse consequences.

Although certain foods do not cause acute poisoning or adverse reactions after ingestion, they may cause chronic adverse reactions or affect the baby’s growth and development, etc., and also require parents’ attention.

  The following is a list of some foods that your baby cannot eat, should not eat and should not eat.

Parents should also take into account the specific circumstances of their children, pay attention to observe foods that are likely to cause allergies and adverse reactions, and promptly consult a doctor.

  Food that cannot be eaten (risk index: five stars) Honey: According to related reports in the United Kingdom, in the past 25 years, about 40 infant deaths from botulinum infections were related to honey consumption.

In these cases, infants with more severe illness are mostly less than 6 months old.

  Note: Do not add honey to milk powder or food for infants under 1 year old to destroy deadly bacterial infections.

  Reasons for preserved foods: preserved products (salted fish, bacon, pickles, etc.) contain too much salt, and high-salt diets can easily induce hypertension; preserved products are rich in nitrite, which is associated with Aspergillus flavusBenzene, phenylpropanine is the world’s three most recognized cancerous substances.

  Note: Some research data show that children who start to eat pickled products during early childhood may develop cancer much more often than adults.

  Reasons for dumplings: Because glutinous rice is more sticky, children may stick to the esophagus and separate the respiratory tract; children 1 to 2 years old do not easily chew the absorption of peanuts in dumplings.

  Note: Babies under 3 years old are not suitable for eating dumplings.

Children with respiratory diseases should eat dumplings less to prevent their illness from getting worse.

  Reason for high content of “junk food”: Eating a high content of “junk food” easily leads to obesity, various complications, and is harmful to human health.

  Note: During babies and toddlers, their brain and nervous system are developing and they need comprehensive nutrition to grow healthy.

Consuming “junk food” can lead to obesity and lead to imbalances in the intake of other nutrients, resulting in nutritional deficiencies.