5 strokes to remove lip lines and moisturize full lips_1

5 strokes to remove lip lines and moisturize lips

One of the sexy strengths created by a woman is full and beautiful lips. Full and beautiful lips make people feel tempted after seeing it. They are tempted to step forward to kiss!

However, what affects the lip beauty is the lip pattern.

Today, Xiaobian will help you to make your lips plump and plump within a week.

  Yes, lip lines are the biggest sign of aging lips. Except for some people who are born with deep lip lines, others are caused by bad habits in the day after tomorrow. I want to eliminate annoying lip lines and reproduce touching cherry lipsLook at the five best tips below!

  There are secret tricks to fight radiation: Honey coated honey has a strong moisturizing and rejuvenating effect, which is very suitable for moisturizing and protecting the lips.

When the lips feel dry, apply honey lightly on the lips and leave it on for 20 minutes.

  The second trick: apply olive oil before going to bed, the moisturizing effect is good, but pay attention to the absorption and playback, about 20 minutes, go to sleep, or it will get on the pillow.

  The third trick: lip prosody keeps the lips “ah” sound for 5 seconds; keep the “hey” sound for 5 seconds to relax; then keep the “o” sound for 5 seconds; finally, keep “one” and “house”Each tone is 5 seconds, repeat the above action for 5 minutes.

  The fourth trick: pinch the upper lip with your thumb and forefinger on the lip. Hold your forefinger and press your thumb gently; then hold your lower lip with your index and thumb.lower lip.

Then, massage the upper and lower lip rhythmically in the opposite direction of the above method, and repeat it several times, so as to reduce the lateral wrinkles of the lips.

  If your lips are already slightly wrinkled, use your two fingers to rub from the center of your lips to the corners of your lips, causing your skin to feel stretched.

First upper lip, then lower lip, double the effect several times.

  Fifth trick: Drink plenty of water for targeted daily diets, especially those who have been working in air-conditioned rooms for a long time. Pay more attention to not drinking when you are thirsty.wonderful.

Also eat more fruits and vegetables, and absorb the right amount of vitamins (such as vb, va, ve, vc, etc.).