Self-help psychological stress

Self-help psychological stress

Common workplace stressors: Workloads when rapid knowledge updates require you to keep mastering; when your boss asks you to complete many tasks in a short period of time; when you have to work overtime every day, your lover is traveling, and your child is sickWhen; when another young man enters the company and competes with you for an appointment, you have only two choices: rush forward and step back, and you resolutely recognize the former, and then continue to lower yourself, even overwhelmed.

  Interpersonal relationships Each unit has complex interpersonal relationships.

Misunderstanding of subordinates’ authorization to superiors; mistrust between colleagues; misleading leadership styles cause work instead of discomfort, etc.

Being in it, I just feel mental fatigue.

Promotion When you have outstanding performance and are promoted two levels in a row, the pressure on your heart will increase exponentially.

Because the career development is too smooth, and at the same time faces too many problems, even beyond his ability to control, doubting whether he is truly competent, heavy psychological burden.

More often, there are more monks and less porridge, and there is only one promotion spot in front of you, but you have to fall side by side again. You feel depressed and ignored by others, and you are full of confusion about your work goals.

  Environmental pressure Many college students yearn to work in high-grade office buildings where they can see the blue sky and white clouds.

As everyone knows, white-collar workers who have worked in this environment for a long time are eager to escape.

Foreign studies have confirmed that the office building environment is an intangible environmental stress, and people in closed places are nervous and easily tired.

Therefore, many foreign professional families choose to work in bungalows with natural environment or air circulation.

  There are many details in the life of self-discovering psychological obstacles that remind us that the mental state may be biased.

Such as replacement work, it is particularly easy to be concerned about certain details in life.

Under the expectation of an increase in income, life satisfaction and sense of accomplishment will decline, irritability will occur when there is a problem, repetitive increase, inattention, and poor mental state.

When the job is confirmed, there is no reason to worry about layoffs.

Panic about age and lack of confidence in working ability.

Need to stimulate appetite through spicy and fried food and so on.

Experts also point out that personality is closely related to psychology, and personality represents a person’s lifestyle, behavioral basis and life process.

For example, people who have low self-esteem are not easy to control external changes, and often complain about it. Once similar life events occur, they will trigger psychological disorders.

  The psychological self-rescue prescription builds a sound psychological state for oneself, relieves the mental illness, and does not lose on the mental illness in the workplace competition. It is one of the survival tenets of every professional family.

  * Master necessary mental health knowledge.

Such as correct self-evaluation, reasonable goals and reasonable efforts; scientifically arrange time to minimize workload; regular life, moderate physical exercise, healthy pressure to combat stress.

It is reported that many senior white-collar workers come to study in the national psychologists’ professional qualification training class. Their goal is to master the psychological knowledge, educate children, and improve communication with working partners.

  * Form a modest lifestyle, adjust emotions in a timely manner and vent bad emotions.

Be open-minded and maintain an optimistic attitude and a positive attitude to alleviate and eliminate tension.

  * Relieve certain discomforts through diet.

Such as anxiety, palpitations, insomnia, etc., you can eat more beans, grains, vegetables and fruits and other foods, reduce the intake of red meat, avoid drinking coffee, strong tea, alcohol and other irritating drinks.

Eat chili, mustard, pepper, garlic, onion, ginger and other hot and spicy things.

Don’t rely too much on nutritional supplements.

  * Learn skills of self-consolation and self-relaxation.

Practicing yoga and tai chi, for example, is very beneficial for reducing stress and relieving symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Cultivating a wide range of hobbies, planting flowers and trees outside of work, enjoying music, practicing calligraphy, painting, playing ball, etc. can be pleasant, temperate blood, and good for health.

  * Establish a psychological support system, including friends, family, and counseling experts.

When you are depressed and difficult to resolve, you can “sue” them for psychological help.

If mental stress is too great and mental capacity is limited, special psychological counseling or treatment is needed.

  * Continuously updating your knowledge structure, constantly improving yourself, and improving self-competition can make your professional life lasting and stable.

  * Early planning for career development and reasonable arrangement of life rhythm.

In fact, the 30-year-old is called a “professional anchor”, that is, changing jobs before the 30-year-old to find their own “growth point”.Trying to stabilize your work direction after the age of 30 is for the entrepreneurial stage until the age of 40.

If the army has a potential for development between the ages of 40 and 50, it will focus on obedience.

Over the age of 50, you can consider preparing for retirement and cultivate some hobbies.

Ye Bin (Director of the Psychological Counseling Center of East China Normal University) Xun Boxin understands and rescues the three pictures. First, he analyzes and finds the source of stress, and then resolves it from three levels.

  * After a day of work, fine-tune your mood by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, eating a piece of chocolate, listening to music, running, etc.

Use weekends to travel to the outskirts and carry out leisure sports to give your mood a break.

  * Improve work efficiency, strengthen interpersonal relationship processing and problem-solving skills.

As long as you are on the job, you cannot give up your studies, and you can reduce your worries about the future through learning.

  * Under the new modern working methods, lifestyles and values must also be adjusted.

Happy work is necessary for a happy life, but not all.

Remember, people with a monthly income of 20,000 yuan are not happier than those with a income of 2,000 yuan.