Four signs that men derailed

Four signs that men derailed

First, the golden cicada husk.

  He has always said that he has to work overtime or travel on business. He has less and less time at home, and the number of times he spends shopping with you is very few.

  Although not all “workaholics” represent emotional derailment, some men will gradually disappear from normal family life before they decide to derail.

  At this time, the wife is best to talk to her husband about his work, or learn about his real work situation from the side, but it is better to leave him a room and not to be provocative.

  Second, express dissatisfaction.

  He is picky about your clothing tastes. When you tell him about the hard work, he always advises you to see a psychologist: “I know you are very busy, but I can’t always listen to you frustrated. You give me and my children bothBrings pressure.

“On the positive side, he may want you to do better; on the negative side, he may be looking for an excuse for derailment.

The wife had better figure out his true thoughts, and in response to the questions he asked, he changed them, or reluctantly, to make himself more perfect and sober, to see what the husband would do next.

  Third, desire to be recognized.

  The husband began to suspect that he had to compete with the child, and felt that his wife spent less time with him than the child and was often left out.

  Many wives focus on their children after pregnancy, which is likely to lead men to seek knowledge from other people and unknowingly derail.

The best way is to try to talk to your husband once and tell him that the child needs more care now, but your love for him has not diminished.

  Four, nothing to say.

  Refusing to talk, not even looking at you, but answering other people’s calls has caused passion and topics.

  Many men gradually lose their interest in chatting with their wives after marriage, often becoming “I have grown up, but you haven’t”, and for this reason refuse to talk further.

  At this moment, the wife should take the lead to break the silence and talk to him.

You need to stay calm and encourage him to give more advice to help you grow.

If he just wants to provoke, your questioning breaks the boredom that ended him.