Pregnant women should eat pig liver several times

Pregnant women should eat pig liver several times

Women, especially during pregnancy, have a high incidence of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy, which can occur in almost all pregnant women, and moderate to severe iron deficiency anemia can cause irreversible intellectual damage to obesity.

To prevent iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia, care should be taken throughout the pregnancy to supplement foods rich in iron, such as pig liver, pig blood and red meat.

The iron contained in these foods is heme iron, which has a high absorption rate.

Among them, pig liver is particularly recommended. In order to better absorb iron in pig liver, it is recommended that pregnant women eat pig liver to adhere to the principle of small amounts and multiple times. Eat 2?
4 times, 1 each time?
2 two.

Because most of the minerals contained in the iron body follow the absorption law when they are absorbed in the gas phase. When the volume is introduced once, the absorption rate is lower.

Of course, the more important reason for opposing large consumption of pork liver at one time is the safety hazard. The pork liver not only contains a large amount of accumulation, saturated traces and some metabolites, but also illegally added hormones, lean meat extracts and used antibiotics in the feed to the human body.Harmful substances are also concentrated in the liver and are metabolized in the liver.

  Therefore, in order to avoid the potential safety hazards of pig liver, do not choose overly plump, fatty pig liver (possibly piglet liver) when buying, and of course, do not choose a smaller, hard, less-colored pig liver (possibly liver fiber)In addition, pig liver with too many white spots on the liver section (sometimes mistaken for blood vessels) may be parasitic infection.

  Finally, experts are needed. For pregnant women who have developed iron deficiency anemia, the iron in spinach, fungus and other plant foods is difficult to absorb, and the effect of iron supplementation is poor.Hemoglobin concentration (for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia) is not as effective as pig liver, pig blood and red meat.

  But some people may ask, why is it to eat pork liver, can other animal livers not work?

In fact, it can be used, and some chicken liver, foie gras, duck liver, etc. are all fine.

However, it should be noted that there is still a difference in iron content between them, and 100 grams of pig liver contains 22 iron.

6 mg, duck liver is 23.

1 mg, chicken liver 12.

0 mg, foie gras 7.

8 mg, so there is a difference between them.