The culprit that hurts your skin is you


The culprit that hurts your skin is you

Skin care is basically one of the daily tasks of urban women.

But do you know that some maintenance methods you are accustomed to are actually wrong.

These wrong methods will not cause major problems to your skin in a short time, but as time goes by, you will find that your skin has quietly deteriorated, and the culprit that hurts the skin is you.

  No 1: After washing your face, always dry the moisture with a towel.

  Analysis: rubbing on the delicate skin with a towel will not only hurt and irritate the skin, make the skin long fine lines, but also hide bacteria!

Even more frightening is that if you have acne and often use a towel to wipe your face, it is easy to break the acne, so the bacteria in the acne will hide in the towel and spread the towel to other parts of the body, so that the acneAcne is difficult to eradicate.

  The correct method: After washing your face, you should use a towel or tissue paper to dry the water, which is much lighter than the method of wiping and hurting the skin.

  No 2: Just wash your face with clean water in the morning, because you have already used the facial cleanser the night before.

  Analysis: Waking up in the morning on the skin is not only sweat and oil secretion, but also exacerbated by keratinous metabolism.

In addition, sheets, pillow towels will also be infected with insects, dust and other unclean objects contaminated the shell. So many questions, how can it be completely removed only with water?

If the dirt is not cleaned and makeup is applied later, it is easy to insert pores, resulting in blackheads, acne, etc., which affects skin health.

  The right way: So using a cleanser to wash your face is the first step in morning skin care. While thoroughly cleansing, it can also give the skin plenty of moisture, so that the skin is calm and comfortable, and the skin feels fresh and soft.

  No 3: After washing your face, you will do something else first, and then slowly apply skin care products.

  Analysis: Every time you wash your face, it will damage the sebum film, and after washing your face, your skin will begin to dry.

Therefore, care immediately after washing your face!

And the skin after washing is very easy to absorb like a sponge, which is the best time to care.

Therefore, it is recommended to perform timely skin care within 3-5 minutes after washing your face!

  The right way: Use skin care products immediately after washing your face to make nutrients more thoroughly absorbed and keep the sebum film healthy.

  No 4: Apply the mask while doing housework.

  Analysis: Many mm like to apply the mask and do housework again, because they don’t think it wastes time.

In fact, it is very unscientific to do so.

Because writers must be active when they are in business. When people are active, their muscles do not relax, which will definitely have an impact on the nutritional absorption of the mask.

In addition, if it is a chore such as cooking or cooking, the fume willfully contaminate the mask.

  The right way: The best position to apply the mask is to lie on your back.

Because the human body is in a relaxed state when lying supine, the skin muscles are not tense, which is conducive to the pores on the facial skin being fully opened and the nutrients on the mask to be absorbed.

  No 5: Deep exfoliation is often done.

  Analysis: different skin types, different keratin solutions.

Excessive exfoliation can lead to premature skin aging.

  The right way: the frequency of exfoliation is also different.

Oily skin can be done once a week; mixed skin is recommended to be divided into regions to exfoliate, T-shaped belts with a lot of oil can be used once a week, dry V-shaped belts can be used once every three weeks; dry skin due to dryness, keratin metabolism is slow, At most once a month; sensitive skin is best not to exfoliate.

  No 6: Share a bottle of skincare with others.

  Analysis: There is a difference in the person-to-person system. The skin properties of two different people, even twins, may not be the same.

In addition, human skulls and hands have different types of bacteria. Two or more people share a bottle of skin care products, which may cause acne and acne problems due to cross infection.

  The right way: Match different skincare products for your skin.

  No 7: Apply eye cream with your index finger.

  Resolution: Eye skin is the most fragile part of the skin. Forefinger is a relatively strong finger. Applying force or excessive pulling will cause more and more wrinkles around the eyes.

  The correct method: two correct absorption methods, one is to use the ring finger to apply eye cream on the upper and lower eyelids until it is completely absorbed; the other method is to use the food, middle and ring fingers to warm the eye cream, knead untilOn the eyelids, the intensity can be slightly heavier, putting pressure on the eyeballs.

Any point or press should be from the eye socket to the corner of the eye, to the temple, which is the direction of eye lymphatic detoxification, which can promote absorption, metabolism and blood circulation without generating traces.  No 8: For facial massage, the longer the better.

  Analysis: The time for facial massage should be moderate, and it depends on the skin quality, skin condition and age.

Excessive time can cause wrinkles.

  Correct method: Generally speaking, the massage time for normal skin is about 10 minutes; the massage time for dry skin can be longer, generally 10-15 minutes; because massage can increase skin elasticity and accelerate metabolism, it can also promote sebumSecretion, so massage time for oily skin should be controlled within 10 minutes; massage time for sensitive skin should not be short or long; it is best not to do massage for skin that is already allergic; the elderly can increase accordingly due to slow metabolismMassage time; while young people under the age of 25 can shorten their massage time due to better skin elasticity and metabolism.