Subconsciousness from the perspective of sleeping

Subconsciousness from the perspective of sleeping

Some people sleep beautifully. They are as elegant as Snow White and sleeping beauty. After watching them, they ca n’t help but want to kiss them. Some people are very imposing.The sleeping position is the emperor’s face; in addition, there are people who can sleep like a clock and rotate, and look at him at regular intervals, and his head is always in a different direction.

  Large-size sleeping face, that is, with your hands and feet wide when you are sleeping on your back.

According to the Five Elements, this is called a “wood shape.”

This type of sleep is an expression of innocence and belongs to the naive and romantic type.

With no thoughts in his heart, his potential consciousness was fully revealed during the sleeping phase.

Only such a person can make his sleeping appearance a “big font”.

  A square fire-shaped sleeping phase. When a person is sleeping, their feet are straight or open in a figure-eight shape, with one foot stretched out; the other foot bends and moves under both hands.

This person is very impatient, but he is very upright. In terms of temperament, he is hot and cold.

  The earth-shaped sleeping face is a hand on the chest, two arms bent, or two feet bent.

This sleeping person is melancholic and unhappy, and his sleeping posture seems to be blowing air.

Some people say that if you keep blowing during sleep, you will die within seven years.

It can be seen that continuous air blowing while sleeping is harmful to health, but also suffers bad fate.

This is a result of fecal defecation, and if defecation can be ruled out, this situation can be broken.

  Gold-shaped sleeping face, which puts your hands on your head and bends your feet, so that your digestive organs are very weak.

Although he has money, but because he is a theorist, he is very weak in terms of human relationships.

  The water-shaped sleeping phase may be that most people sleep on their backs, and they often hold their chests with their hands.

These people are soft on the surface, but hard on the inside, and they are fierce about likes and dislikes.

  Usually people who sleep on their stomachs have bad kidneys, otherwise they will have too much kidney burden.

Nobody, if you absorb too much salt, you can feel good sleeping on your stomach.

In this way, we can polish the truth of “symptoms as therapy”.

Prone position is also a method of treating disease.

In addition, there are also some people who cannot lie on their backs, and must go to the left or right to go to sleep. If a possible condition occurs, there may be a disease phenomenon or a potential disease factor in his upper part.

  People who can’t sleep well have to turn the other side up and down on the bed all night, in order to adjust the spinal fatigue caused by excessive activity during the day.

This is a self-regulation method caused by abnormal gastrointestinal movements.

If it is to be corrected, a distance spine correction method must be adopted.