How to treat chloasma?

Recommended Chinese medicine acupuncture beauty freckle

How to treat chloasma?
Recommended Chinese medicine acupuncture beauty freckle

Acupuncture treatment of chloasma 1, liver qi stagnation: must take the pulse points.

Take the line, too rushing, gas sea, Sanyinjiao, causing acupuncture and ventilating blood and face ecchymosis.

Chest flank full of Jiamen, waist and knees plus kidney.

2, kidney deficiency fire (hepatic kidney yin deficiency) take liver Yu, Shenshu, Zusanli, Guan Yuan, life door.

(Yi Jingxue, Buganshen and Kidney) above the points to nourish liver and kidney to regulate qi and blood, nourishing yin and fading.

3, spleen deficiency and dampness: spleen, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli.

With the disease to take a point of abdominal distension: squat, gas sea; note: Tianshu.

In addition to this, acupuncture or spurting at the lesion site is mainly to clear the local qi and blood.

You can also add Liuwei Dihuang Pills and Jiawei Xiaoyao Pills along with the card.

1 course of 10 times every 20-30 minutes starting every other day.

Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of chloasma is related to the following diseases: 1, the emotion does not follow, leading to liver qi stagnation, poor air, qi and blood can not be on the face; 2, diet is not good, damage the spleen and stomach, spleen lost health, water wetStop inside, blood is not smooth, face is dying; 3, old and poor, kidney yin, resulting in inflammation on the virtual fire, skin dying, the true color of the kidney is in the face; 4, the wind is not affected by the windCan not support face.

Clinical manifestations: light brown or brown plaque, irregular shape is often symmetrically distributed in the lips, forehead, sputum, retina, nose, eyes, temples, etc., some are butterfly-shaped, no symptoms, some patients have some initialReddish and faint spots will not be found. Once found, they have grown very long, spring, summer deepening, autumn, and winter lightening.

TCM syndrome differentiation 1, liver qi stagnation: face plaque, waist and knees are sore, irritable, irritable, chest fullness, dark tongue or purple plaque, thin thin fur, thin pulse.

2, kidney deficiency fire: face with spots, sometimes some dark brown plaque, and some are accompanied by weak waist and knees, fatigue, weakness, redness, less mossy and sometimes thin.

3, spleen dampness: face spots are yellow-brown, stagnation, abdominal distension, tongue pale moss, veins and sometimes strings.

Self-care for the treatment of chloasma 1, pay attention to diet conditioning and eat more foods containing more vitamin C; 2, regular work, work and rest, to ensure redundant sleep; 3, keep the mood comfortable and worry, angry; 4,Avoid sun exposure.

5, avoid abuse of cosmetics.

6, to avoid excessive mental stress.

7, adhere to exercise and improve physical fitness.