The fitness effects of hip-hop

The fitness effects of hip-hop

Experts generally believe that the characteristics of improvisation, honesty, relaxation and passion and vitality of hip-hop help the human body to relax, which is related to the dynamic rhythm of hip-hop, full-fledged tumbling and loose dress.

It doesn’t have a fixed style and pattern. Everyone feels different when they jump out. It is easy to release themselves.

  First of all, on the body, it involves exaggerated limb movements and strong explosive power. In the context of a coherent combination of movements in multiple parts of the body, it can improve the movement of small joints and small muscles that are not easy to move in ordinary exercisesElasticity, compresses the effect of weight loss; hip-hop also helps to improve the coordination and flexibility of the body, and can make people’s body ratio more reasonable.

  Its psychological adjustment and relief effect is mainly reflected in the dancer’s interpretation of music connotation. Because street dance does not have prescribed movements like gymnastics, it allows the dancer to play a role and expand the performance space in re-creation.Show your own style and let the characteristics of hip-hop play to its fullest.

  The fun, richness, and randomness of hip-hop can improve cardiopulmonary function and relax the depressed nerves and the body at the same time during aerobic exercise.

The effect of hip-hop on fitness and heart health cannot be compared horizontally with other items, but a moderate hip-hop exercise is first of all safe for physical health, and secondly it pursues the effect of exercise.

  This item is relatively young, more energetic, and relatively intensive, so it is especially suitable for young people. Its fitness effect is better than that of low-intensity fitness items.

  The experience of most bodybuilders is that although fitness is good, it is difficult to persist.

Hip-hop, with its richness and fun, allows practitioners to always train with a smile.

  In fact, in the hip-hop class, experienced coaches often pay more attention to whether everyone is happy and enjoyable, whether their movements are free and easy, and whether they have achieved complete psychological relaxation. This is also an important reason for urban office workers to like it.

  The movement through hip-hop is to vent the pressure of life.