“Did you and Wu Yuanjia go to Sannoi area to find trouble??”

Now Osheng guessed it,Chen Xiu doesn’t deny it。
“Where are you now,wait for me。I’ll go right away,I act with you!”
“You don’t come……”
“You look down on me,Afraid of me dragging you down!”
Ou Sheng said angrily:“Don’t forget,I also know martial arts,I also use a gun,I also killed people!”
Chen Xiu naturally doesn’t doubt O Sheng’s skill,She has also reached the peak of external power,It’s just a chance“sense”To infuriate;As for killing,Don’t forget that Ou Sheng followed Ou Jianhua to grab territory on Hong Kong Island when he was over a teenager.,There is no shortage of blood on the hands。
of course,Even so,Chen Xiu still doesn’t want her to join in and act tonight。
After all, the sword is speechless,Not to mention that all the people over there are veterans who use thermal weapons!
“I……I am not this,you misunderstood。”
Chen Xiu quickly said:“I just want you to feel at ease,No harm。”
“After all, you still don’t worry about my skill!”O Sheng said unconvinced。
“Do not……Is not,You are my woman,I hope you just live happily,No need to think about unnecessary disturbances,Don’t talk about fighting and killing……”