Looking at the white giant towers

Looking at the white giant towers

Have you seen the Japanese version of “White Giant Tower”, which has been turned over in both novels and TV shows?

In the 1960s, in a well-known large hospital, only a few doctors performed a variety of lives: some people did whatever they could, some people protected themselves, and some were insidious.

Although the characters are simple, the plot is very complicated, and people are always full of struggles.

  Not long ago, the “Big White Tower”, which hit the central TV every afternoon, was at least the third time on the CCTV screen.

Go check out the super popularity in the post, and learn about the miraculous ratings it has set, you should know the popularity of the show.

“White Giant Tower” can be said to describe the wrestling fighting method in the workplace nakedly. It can be so popular that it is inseparable from its real sense.

The workplace is like a play, and life is like a play.

  The workplace in reality is a bit cruel, and if you are not careful, you may fall into a trap.

If you pay attention to this drama, you may follow us for a career interpretation.

  One of the workplace pitfalls is too sharp in the scene: Caiqian is a talented surgeon with great medical skills and promising future.

Both media and colleagues around him regarded him as the successor to the next professor of surgery.

The current professor of surgery, Professor Dong, is the tutor of Caicai. With the ability of Caicai, being a professor of surgery is a matter of pushing the boat.

However, the wealthy medical skills and excessively high-profile pursuit of utilitarianism before the fortune made Professor Dong uneasy and deeply dissatisfied.

Therefore, Professor Dong decided to arrange “airborne soldiers” to take over the post of professor of surgery, setting up obstacles to the path of advancement before the finances.

  Interpretation outside the play: There is an old saying called “the gun strikes the bird”.

Premature “emerging” can make people passive.

In a highly competitive workplace, being aggressive is tantamount to setting yourself high.

Bosses and colleagues will develop a mental set that always thinks you are better than others.

Therefore, once you make a mistake, it is easier to make others dissatisfied.

  If you haven’t reached the point where everything is ready and only owe Dongfeng, you must learn to show weakness.

To show your eighteen martial arts prematurely, it is easy to make people around you jealous.

Too many enemies are not wise for your career advancement.

  The second trap in the workplace is to know what is wrong and not to change the scene: the doctor before the fortune had misdiagnosed the patient’s shadow of the lungs of Sasaki.

Sasaki’s condition worsened after the operation, but Cai Qian did not care about his misdiagnosis, did not acknowledge his technical errors, and did not cause timely correction, which ultimately led to his death.

Patients’ families can be forgiven if they can confess their negligence before the money.

But his hard-line attitude towards the incident eventually led to the backlash of the patient’s family.

The patient’s family could not forgive the fact that Zaizak ‘s later treatment of Sasaki was ineffective and caused Sasaki’s death, and the hospital represented by Zaizak was brought to court.

In the end, the hospital lost the lawsuit, destroyed its pre-financial reputation, and collapsed in court.

  Interpretation outside the play: No matter how serious you are in your work, the attentive person cannot make any mistakes.

How much mistakes you make can affect you, the key is to look at your performance after mistakes.

If you show reduced or even resentful criticism of your leadership, you may not only be able to hide your mistakes, but magnify your mistakes.

After making a mistake, first of all, find the leader to sincerely admit the mistake, and actively acknowledge the mistake, and it is the best policy to recover the mistake.

Sometimes, your attitude of admitting a mistake is good, but it will help you gain points.

  The third trap in the workplace is too insistent on the situation in the play: see doctors indifferent to fame and fortune, both medical ethics and medical skills are perfect symbols.

He was disdainful of doing power and profit.

In order to give the patient justice, Satomi was not afraid to offend colleagues, and under pressure from the hospital, appeared in court to testify for patient Sasaki.

However, the hospital side won.

Satomi can no longer stand in the hospital.A few days later, Satomi must be transferred to another hospital to be a professor.

Satomi rejected the position and submitted a resignation letter to his boss.

  Interpretation outside the play: In the workplace, adherence to principles is good.

However, if you insist too much on yourself, you will always be in a clean and self-sufficient manner. Even if your work is outstanding and your performance is high, it will be difficult to win the appreciation of your boss or colleagues.

Don’t innocently consider yourself a good citizen, the boss will trust you.

Sometimes, if you need skills in the workplace, don’t think about adaptability, if you are too elegant, it will open you up from your colleagues and bosses.

The so-called people are in the rivers and lakes, and they can’t help themselves. As long as they are in the workplace, they may be involved in “right and wrong.”

The so-called wishful thinking of self-cleansing can only show that you are not mature enough.

  The fourth trap in the workplace. The scene in which the boss is doing things: The esophageal cancer operation of the patient Xiaoxilu before the fortune was successfully completed.

At the same time, my colleagues saw the patient’s diagnosis of Xiao Xilu’s stomach cancer and suspected that he still had pancreatic cancer, but his boss ignored it.

In order to confirm his own judgment, Satomi brought Caixian to diagnose Xiaoxilu. Caixian also determined that Xiaoxilu could have pancreatic cancer.

So he planned to carry out the surgery while his boss was on a business trip.

Mastering the previous superb technical surgery was successfully completed again, and the patient was out of danger.

Caiqian was in trouble because of this, and in the end, his father-in-law had to pay for it.

  Interpretation: Don’t assume that your boss knows nothing in his office.

In fact, nothing can hide from the boss’s eyes.

In the work, it is inevitable to run counter to the ideas of the boss.

At this time, it is better to persuade the boss by adopting a more gentle way, instead of acting secretly behind him.

If you carry your boss and follow your own set, once your boss finds it, you will make him feel that you have betrayed him and your loyalty will be greatly reduced.

If it turns out that you are wrong, the ending will be out of control.