Fitness tips after waking up

Fitness tips after waking up

First, turn your head to yield to your toes.

After waking up, people sometimes feel dizzy and swollen. This is caused by an inactive sleep that makes the head and the muscles stiff, and the blood circulation in the head is not smooth, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the head.

If you wake up and lie on your bed with your head turned 8-10 times to the left and right, you can also get dizzy.

At the same time, flexion and extension of the toe joints 10-20 times can make the lower limbs move.

  Second, stretch yourself.

When sleeping, the body takes a flexed posture. After waking up, make two hands crossed on the bed, stretch the palms above the head, straighten the toes, straighten the body, and cooperate with the deep breathing movements. Repeated exercises 4-6 times to improve and eliminate fatigueTo speed up awakening.

  Third, supine lateral flexion.

Lie on your back with one hand raised, with your upper body flexed flexibly, your lower limbs straightened, and each of the left and right flexion performed 6-8 times.

  Fourth, supine lower limb flexion and extension.

After doing the above, drowsiness may have decreased, and then you can do some lower limb flexion and extension.

To do this, bend your foot on the bed, then straighten your knees so that your knees touch the bed.

Take turns 10-15 times for each leg.

  Fifth, lie on the back, bend your knees together.

Then, straighten your calf and raise your leg with your body at 90 degrees.

Then the abdominal muscles are forced, the legs are bent to a 45-degree inclination, the feet must be at right angles, the Achilles tendon must be straightened, maintain this posture for a moment, and then return to the legs up posture, and then slowly do this.

Repeat 15-20 times.

Helps relieve constipation and strengthens abdominal muscles.

  10-minute fitness morning exercise on the balcony. After getting up in the morning, after washing, the brain is awake. You can wear pajamas, wear slippers, face south, smile slightly, relax your feet and shoulders, relax your upper body, and squat slightly.Grab the toes gently and look away.

  Second, head activity: Use the head as the pen tip, and use the idea to move the head to write the two words “longevity”.

These two characters can be written twice, and then make the head circle around these two characters, first go in the direction, and then make 2 turns in the opposite direction. The above movements should be slower. Don’t be impatient, but be stable. The time is about 2 minutes.
  Third, chest expansion activities.

Posture is unchanged, legs are slightly flexed, both arms are flexed forward with the chest flexed forward (finger palms point forward), lowered with chest.

Straighten your legs, swing your arms backwards to the side and lift your palms backwards.

Flex your legs and stretch them once, flex your arms in front of your chest and shake them back once (the boxing heart is down), and then try again. The time is about 1 minute. Be careful of your movements, don’t be too violent when expanding your chest, and have moderate strength.

  Fourth, cross your hands.

The general posture remains unchanged, with both hands drooping, the two palms crossing, the palms facing to the abdomen, and then the arms open to the outside. Each of them should open at an appropriate degree of nature. The speed is not fast., Make the palms return to cross, the time is about 1 minute.

  Fifth, draw a circle with both palms.

The palms are about 10 cm opposite each other. Keep this distance. The height of the palms is flat with the waistband, which is equivalent to the height of the “band pulse” as traditional Chinese medicine says.

First circle the body slightly to the left, 20 circles clockwise, 20 circles counterclockwise, and then return the body to face south, circle each 20 circles clockwise and counterclockwise, and then rotate the body upwards and continue as above.Make a circle of 20 turns in the forward and reverse directions. In this way, make a total of 120 circles in about 3 minutes.

  Six, lunge chest expansion.

With one foot in front and one foot in back, take a long, slender posture, and then stretch your arms out flat, hold the hollow fist slightly with your palms, and then perform a chest expansion exercise with both arms opened and closed.The lateral expansion of the vital capacity increases the oxygen inhalation, and simultaneously the two ankles and the lower limbs cooperate with the flexion and extension of the upper and lower limbs, so that the upper and lower limbs and the replacement part can be exercised.

After doing this, swap the two feet for another chest expansion exercise.

The above is about 2 minutes.

  Seventh, relax and organize and end.

It takes about one minute.

The method is to rub with both hands, before and after the body, especially the Zusanli point (located under the knee metatarsal bone, in the lateral depression of the metatarsal ligament, that is, the four horizontal fingers under the outer knee) and the Yongquan point (the sole of the foot, the five toes are bent hard), The central recess) Press the kneading point, and press the kneading point for a while for about a minute.