[Can you take medicine with honey water]_Take medicine_Is it OK

[Can you take medicine with honey water]_Take medicine_Is it OK

Honey is a kind of food with high nutritional value. It is also a tonic often purchased by many families. It has the effects of detoxifying and beauty, moisturizing intestines and laxative.

In terms of mineral water, the introduction of honey water has many benefits to the human body. Therefore, many families like to use honey water instead of mineral water, but when they share honey water, they should also pay attention to some related matters.

Can I take honey water for medicine?

It is not recommended to take medicine when drinking honey water.

Generally, doctors do not recommend using honey water to drink medicine. You can use warm water or milk to drink medicine, but it is best not to use honey water to drink medicine, because it is Chinese medicine or western medicine.

Why can’t I drink honey water when drinking honey water? The composition of honey water is complex, rich in sugar and some active substances, and the ingredients in the medicine are also very complicated. There are often some proteins, metabolites and other ingredients that will react with each other, soDo not drink medicine when drinking honey water.

How long can I take medicine after drinking honey water?

There is a lot of water in the honey water, and the honey water can be completely metabolized about half an hour after drinking the honey water. At this time, if you take the medicine again, there will be no reaction between the honey water and the medicine.

What are the consequences of drinking honey water and taking medicine? The components of honey water and medicine are more complicated. After eating, they will affect each other, which may affect the efficacy and reduce the health effect of honey water. Therefore, it is best not to eat them together.

What to pay attention to when drinking honey water 1.

The sugar in honey water is mainly fructose and glucose. Daily blood sugar will increase, so people with diabetes need to pay attention to eating honey water.


There are many active substances in honey, so you can’t brew the honey with too much water, and you will lose a lot of active substances. Soaking the honey in warm water is sufficient.

Do not dialysis honey water on an empty stomach, it is easy to promote gastric acid secretion, cause gastric acid too much, and affect physical health.


After drinking honey water, do not take medicine for half an hour