How about your sense of responsibility?

How about your sense of responsibility?

Measure your sense of responsibility from the place where you enjoy leisure time in the park: Translation: When you enjoy leisure time in the park on holidays, where do you usually choose to sit and pass the time?


You can see people coming and going on the chair 2.

Willow Trees by the Lakeside 3.

Inside shaded gazebo 4.

Test results under the lush foliage: 1.

Choosing “the chair on the path where you can see people coming and going” you will often tie a lot of things to yourself, sometimes it should not be your responsibility, and I don’t know why it all fell on you.

If you really want to take responsibility, of course, no problem, but if you have been burdened with inexplicable tasks several times, and you are distressed, then you have to learn how to refuse in a timely manner or express your objections.


Choosing “the lakeside of willows and weeping poplars” is still a responsible person, but you will not take responsibility for some.

As long as it’s a matter of your own, or a mistake made out by yourself, you will stand up and take responsibility for it, and find a solution.Can I talk to you?


Choosing “In the shaded pavilion” is a little clever. You know how to ask for help. Whenever something happens, the first solution you will think of is to ask someone for help. Of course, this is also a kind of responsible.Method, but some people may feel that you ca n’t be responsible, and you want to shirk to others, so when you do things, you should show a courageous attitude, first find a way to solve it yourself, so as not to be criticized.


Choose “under the lush foliage” you are most afraid that others will ask you to take responsibility. As long as you have to shoulder the heavy responsibility, you will always think about it again and again if you can, but you do n’t necessarily say you have no sense of responsibility, but you feelOnce you agree to others, you should be responsible to the end, so if you are afraid of trouble, you always want to save one thing and save one thing.