Weight loss feast recommended

Weight loss “feast” recommended

The following recipes are based on the estimates of adult ideal body weights introduced in the “Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition” in the United States, and based on the daily dietary nutrient supply recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society, based on the normal person’s intake of heat energyProportion of recipes designed for dieters.
These recipes ensure that while reducing your calorie intake, you are not reducing the amount of nutrients your body needs.
In this way, weight loss can be achieved without adverse reactions such as fatigue, fatigue, and lack of energy.
  Amaranth: 炝 Tigertail Ingredients: 150 grams of back meat, 5 grams of garlic, 5 grams of sesame oil, soy sauce, salt, vinegar, sugar, wine, pepper, a little onion, ginger slices.
  Method: 1.
Wash the meat, drain the water, peel the garlic, and use a knife to smash and chop the garlic for later use.
Put the water in the pot and simmer on the fire, add the wine, ginger slices, and onion knots, shred the anchovies in the boiling water pot, remove them, drain them, and drain them neatly into the soup pot.
Wash and heat the pot, add sesame oil to heat, add garlic to the pot, add soy sauce, salt, vinegar, sugar, and original soup to a marinade, pour it on the shredded silk, sprinkle some pepper, and mix well when eating.
  Features: savory and tender.