Uncovering man’s emotional camouflage

Uncovering man’s emotional camouflage

Guide: Some people say that men don’t give up their true feelings easily, because once they decide to give up, they will love to live and die, and they will be scarred if they break up.

Therefore, in the face of many uncertain factors, men are cautious and disguise themselves so that outsiders cannot easily see through.

  Too many people have said that in today’s society, almost everyone is called a mask, whether in the workplace or in the emotional world.

Nowadays, society is full of all kinds of scams. Marriage deception and money are everywhere, and in the workplace, there are countless scams, so people who have no sense of security must use their best to protect themselves.

  Some people say that men don’t give up their true feelings easily, because once they decide to pay, they will love to die alive, and they will be scarred if they break up.

Therefore, in the face of many uncertain factors, men are cautious and disguise themselves so that outsiders cannot easily see through.
When it comes to women’s hearts, isn’t it really difficult to understand men’s minds?

Behind a man’s emotional camouflage is a soft underbelly that cannot be touched.

  Women have their minds hidden in their hearts, but women have objects to talk to, and they also like to talk, while men are locked in their hearts, and no one touches and digs.

Only by understanding his heart through various manifestations can you become a true soul mate.

Today, Xiaobian and you interpret the various thoughts of men together, let you understand the man.


I do n’t need men and women to weave in your ancient society. In today ‘s men and women, society has given men more social and family responsibilities, making men ‘s shoulders heavier and heavier.The flick made the man tolerate in front of the pain of size, pretending to be a strong and indifferent image.

Who can understand that behind a man’s so strong appearance is the heart that is easily injured?

  A Japanese psychological research institute confirmed that suicide men are suicide women in Japan1.

32 times, and it’s much faster to regain strength after falling in love with a girl or losing a spouse than boys.

In the face of the same amount of stress, men are weaker than women.

  It is generally believed that women are more fragile and stronger than transcendence. Men’s attitude towards the other half is often that I don’t need you, and I have done the same without you.

In fact, they are trying to hide their dependence on each other.

Men think it’s a shame to let others know they can’t live without women.

As you embarrass yourself, it’s better to disguise yourself and pretend you don’t care.


Let us be inseparable. There is such a kind of man, they are very sticky, and they want to be with their girlfriends or lovers in everything they do.

Even if his girlfriend is going to work overtime, he has to wait near the company.

Maybe, many people will find this very sweet and romantic, but after a long time, they will feel that their own private space is lost, which makes people feel dull and suffocating.

  Some people think that this kind of man is caused by a sense of uncertainty and insecurity.

Due to his lack of self-confidence and lack of security, he hoped that his girlfriend would always be by his side and not leave his eyelids.

Actually not, this is just a man’s disguise.

  This camouflage of men usually appears in the love or newlywed stage.

If you think he really loves you so much, and you don’t want to separate for a while, you are wrong.

In fact, such a man has super possessiveness in love. He hopes that you are always in your sight not because you miss or even fear that you don’t know what you are doing.

His strong possessiveness will make your life full of his shadow, as if living under his control, without freedom.

If he really loves you so much, will he not give you space and time?


I don’t care if you recognize me as a man who is full of self-awareness. They will think that they are very powerful. No matter whether you recognize him or not, he doesn’t care.

Sometimes, in the face of your ridicule, he laughs and dies.

Too many women think that men don’t care about themselves so much. Is this really the case?

Actually he cares!  Human beings like to listen to good things, so there are so many people who make fun of them.

Few men in the world are satisfied with their SEX capabilities, and no woman has been completely satisfied with her appearance before.

However, even men are ED, they will never admit that they are not good, they will make up various reasons.

It is terrible for a man to admit that he is dying.

Although he always couldn’t pretend to do this, women had better understand that in bed, men care about women’s feelings, and women’s praise is almost the whole motivation of his efforts.

  Except when in bed, men usually care a lot about women’s compliments.

In fact, many times a man is like a child and needs your praise and praise, and then all his actions will be full of motivation.


My friends all over the world have friends listed the superfluous conditions of high-quality men, one of which is “his friends must be all over the world, preferably all friends from high society.”

They all say that they are relying on friends when they go out. If the friends around him are so good, then he won’t go anywhere. One day, he will also succeed under the influence of friends.

  On the rest days, if his cell phone doesn’t ring for a day, he will feel that his life is a failure, and he will pretend to be a social master every time he eats.

  Men like to disguise themselves as social masters, because in their growth, their father’s image is usually busy outside, and they come home late with a smell of alcohol and smoke.

Making friends is a sign of successful men, so they often pretend to be social people to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Therefore, a very important task for men is to make friends, to have a place to go when you are alone, to have friends, and to let you see hope.

When you find his camouflage, just smile, why bother to expose him?

  The study of love mind reading allows you to uncover the emotional camouflage of a man and walk into his heart.