Why do babies cry when they see a baby?

Why do babies cry when they see a baby?

In general, in order to resolve the embarrassing situation, parents often blame their babies first: “What are you crying for, seeing your child?”

what’s wrong?

It did n’t bother you, it ‘s so bad, this child is really useless . ”or forcing the child to come into contact with a living person.

When the child is unwilling and the adult feels that he cannot step down, he will forcefully order: “Don’t cry, you cry again, I don’t want you .” As a result, the child often cries more and more.

  When this happens, the correct way is for adults to pick up their baby in a timely manner.

First make him feel secure, then, while patting him gently, tell him: “Don’t be afraid, you don’t know him, but he likes you so much!”

“To relieve the baby’s fear.

If the child’s mood is a little calmer and he no longer cries at this time, the other party can also be used to tease the child with vivid toys or funny movements to connect the emotions and relieve the nervousness.

However, if the child’s performance is still very nervous, he can take the child away temporarily, without having to force the baby to associate with a living person.

  Once parents find that their baby is crying when they see a stranger, they must carefully explore the cause and take corresponding measures according to different situations to help the baby overcome this negative emotion.

  1. Babies rarely go out and have little contact with the outside world. They can’t adapt to new people and new environments. Adults can consciously allow children to gradually contact the outside world.

Generally, children around the age of 2 like to play with children of the same age, and gradually come into contact with new people around them in their interactions with children. When the people around the child are good to him, they will relax their nervousness and graduallyAccept some new people and new things.

  2. The influence of some negative emotions in the past.

For example, I used to go to the hospital for an injection, and I was very impressed with the pain. As a result, the person wearing the white coat was scared. If the nurse wears glasses, maybe the child will be scared when he sees a person wearing glasses.Crying.

At this time, because the baby is still young, some essential attributes cannot be distinguished.

For this kind of baby, parents can consciously let him contact some different types of babies, and gradually let the baby know that there are many people wearing glasses and white coats, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the people.

At the beginning, parents can also consciously wear a white coat or glasses at home to let the baby gradually get used to, accept, and relieve some negative emotions.

  3. Usually caused by improper education.

The baby is naughty and disobedient. Adults can use “No more obedience, I ask strangers to take you away”, “Don’t run around, or bad people will take you away”, etc. to scare the child, once the child contacts a person,Fear, even crying.

This requires adults to pay attention to their own words and deeds, and must not cause children’s psychological obstacles because they do not pay attention to speaking casually.

  4. There are also human children who are timid by nature and can accommodate new external things. Newcomers are slow.

For this kind of children, parents should not rush to ask their baby to be the same as other children, be patient, careful, and create conditions for the baby to gradually adapt.

  When the baby is a little older, you can also tell him: “Brave children don’t cry”, “Non-cry children are good children”, “Good children all like him” and so on can cultivate the baby’s self-control.

  As long as the method is proper, and then the baby’s physical development and continuous expansion of life, this negative behavior will gradually disappear.