Ten tips for caring for a healthy lifestyle in summer

Ten tips for caring for a healthy lifestyle in summer

In the hot summer, the country has entered a high temperature and rainy season. In addition to going to the beach and mountains for summer, or to buy cool clothes at Uniqlo, many people also like to skewers at the stalls at night, grill them, and order hemp and oyster.It’s best to be perverted, coupled with ice beer and big watermelon, it is gradually relieved of heat, really happy like a flower.

  However, if I can’t eat supper, my heart will itch; if I eat too late, my chrysanthemum will itch.

Stimulant foods often put a huge burden on the stomach and intestines, causing complications such as diarrhea.

The hot pain of chrysanthemums when you have a diarrhea will make you truly appreciate the passion of summer.

If you are afraid of rubbing it hard, it will cause itching and infection, which will increase the pain.

Some people with “hemorrhoids” cannot avoid the occurrence of bleeding.

As the saying goes, the midnight snack is refreshing, and the chrysanthemum hurts the intestine.

  Then the question comes: how to not only enjoy the delicious refreshment in the hot summer, but also effectively avoid the harm to health caused by this lifestyle?

Reasonable late night is the most important. At the same time, we must pay attention to protecting health.

In addition, everyone must pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness after a supper, to protect the private parts from being harmed.

Here are ten tips for daily diet and hygiene that make everyone avoid the health effects of summer diet stimuli: 1.

Keep your eyes open-choose a hygienic and reliable late-night location: get away from the store with a catering sanitation license and try to avoid or avoid roadside stalls without sanitation.


Clever Matching-Reasonably match, eat more light and digestible foods, such as soy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., eat less greasy foods.

You can drink some yogurt after eating spicy food.


Do not mix and match – to avoid uneven hot and cold, barbecue Ma Xiao plus ice beer tastes good, but easy to damage the gastric mucosa.

Try to choose drinks at room temperature to match.


Always clean-summer, hot weather, and uneven hot and cold diet, irritating the anorectal, so it is recommended to clean your private parts frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria and effectively prevent the onset of hemorrhoids.


Choosing a profession-Use professional wet toilet paper to clean and protect sensitive parts as much as possible after using the toilet. Especially for people with “hemorrhoids”, cleaning hard can often cause pain or bleeding., Can be effectively carried out with a light wipe.

9% bacteria, no germicide, mild and non-irritating, it is a must-have personal cleaning product in summer.


Open your legs – exercise properly and strengthen your physique.


Fully equipped-Before going out for replacement in summer, bring as many anti-diarrheal drugs, heatstroke pills, throat tablets, wet toilet paper and other professional medicines and cleaning supplies as possible.


Keep your heart in mind-try to reduce or avoid staying up late, eating by the side of the road, eating less exercise, and getting more greasy.


Good mentality-hot weather is prone to anger and blood. Keep a good mentality and avoid the irritability and anger.


Consultation-If you have an urgent health problem after eating, consult a physician and expert immediately.

  Based on the above ten tips, I hope that everyone can eat reasonably in summer, maintain good hygiene and living habits, and spend a healthy and happy summer.